How does Easie work?

Patricia Goudswaard

Director ERA vb&t Makelaars / NVM-Makelaar

Christel Nooijen- van Lierop 

Management assistant

Have you ever wondered why you have to pay more commission for a home worth € 400,000 than for a home worth € 300,000? Does a real estate agent need more time for a € 400,000 home or is the commission model just too traditional?
Why does the agent determine the services for the sale of your property? In today’s day and age, the seller surely may have an opinion about the service they require!

These are questions we seem to get asked more and more, we find that the only two answers we can give to these two questions are: YES, the commission model is too traditional and YES, the seller must be able to pick and choose his own service. We live in an era where relevant information can be obtained in various ways, when you play with the thought of selling your property, you will have, more than likely, visited several Internet channels before you approach a real estate agency.

During this search you will create a personal expectation that you will discuss with the agent in question at a later stage. When the agent holds on to a traditional model where the standard package of services is a given, you can’t call that custom work right? That’s why it’s time to kick the traditional model to the curb!

Easie stands for a real estate model where a high degree of customer service, local presence, transparency and quality are central. Perhaps this sounds familiar and many offices will use this as their “USPs”, but do they honor it? We describe each individual USP for you, so that you can judge us personally on every aspect.

Know where you stand and safe in the knowledge that you haven’t paid too much. What a pleasant feeling!
At Easie, each service provided has a competitive price. It is up to you to decide which services you want. The sum of the services you have chosen dictates the total invoice. That is Easie! Need help choosing your personal package? Of course we offer variety of packages that helps you to find the one that fits to your personal situation.

As a consumer you want to be in control of your own purchases, you have to feel that what you are looking for is answered in the right way. Sometimes you may feel you made the wrong choice, that is Easie with Easie. You can adjust or upgrade your own chosen service at any time. So it may be that you are regretting coordinating your own viewings, maybe it was something emotional or maybe you failed to experience a click with the potential buyers of your property? Please let us know how you feel. The agent is happy to take over. Easie right?

The ultimate goal of our organization is to fulfill the expectations of our clients. When we live up to expectations, we are successful in sales / purchases with high customer satisfaction. We offer quality in all variants, whether you choose a basic package or a complete hand over of tasks. An example of this is, our photography is always provided by a professional photographer who specializes in home photography.
Due to being connected to the NVM, all our agents are graduated and certified professionals. This means that we adhere to the consumer conditions that represent your interests as seller / purchaser. Every year we are required to obtain our credits by attending courses. Every employee at Easie attends these courses, including the hospitality managers, so that everyone is up to date on the latest trends and developments.

Our offices are located in Helmond, Eindhoven, Den Bosch, Maastricht and Breda. Our offices are open daily from 9.00 am to 17.30 am. We can be reached via an online chat until 21.00pm, even in the weekends! Viewings can also take place in the weekends, after a consultation with your agent and ensuring availability in both your agendas. When you are ready to start our service , you can also chose for a shared agenda with your agent, this in turn makes it possible for prospective buyers to plan their own visits. Not only good accessibility for you, but also for your prospective buyers!