What can Easie do for me?

Easie is a new tool we developed to create complete transparency in our service that allows you to sell your property the way you want. This means you are in control of the service you wish to receive from us. A high quality service that is provided online as well as offline. With our Brabant level of coverage, our agents are strongly represented locally and are personally at your service. No more percentage of the sale price, but one standard price that is applicable for everyone, regardless of the price range of your property.

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Is Easie really transparant?

Because we are connected to the NVM, we are obliged to include some services, such as the measurements of the house (with the corresponding measurement report) and the registration in the Exchange system of the NVM. The Easie by Me package is therefore the basic package of our services. You can also upgrade your package with added services at any time.

Which Easie package is the best for me?

Some type of people prefer to have everything under their control, including the supervision of viewings undertaken by potential buyers. The other type of person prefers to hand all the responsibility over to someone else. Within Easie we have developed a questionnaire which will ultimately guide you into making the best decision which package fits your needs.

Can I upgrade my package?

You can upgrade and expand your package at any time in your IDD. There you can find all services with the corresponding prices. The hospitality managers will receive a notice of your chosen upgrade, and will take action where needed. We are happy to upgrade your package at any time as you see fit, just let our hospitality managers know. We are here to help.

What happens with costs incurred if and when I make changes ?

At anytime you prefer to switch to another package while already in possession of an Easie package, this is of course possible. The costs associated with switching to another package will be settled by the notary.

Do I pay startup fees?

Startup fee is € 995, – incl. VAT Standard costs are included in this fee.

When do I pay?

Startup fee is due at the start of the service, all other costs incurred are settled at the notary.

Can I always contact Easie?

Feel free to contact us on 088-5454601, we are here on weekdays from 09:00 till 17:30. Do you have a question outside these times? Please fill in our contact form or email us at mail@easie.nu. We’d love to hear from you.

What are the standard services provided by Easie?

Standard services are: home registration, measurement report, professional photography, undertaking negotiations, promotion on Funda, keeping you informed 24/7 via the web app IDD. We also deliver external signage for the window and draw up the final purchase deed.

What is NVM?

NVM is a trade association for Real-Estate agents. NVM is the network of Real-Estates that offer a certain quality. NVM agents meet stringent educational requirements and quality standards. So you can be confident that when you hire a NVM agent that the highest quality is guaranteed.

I am already a client, what can Easie do for me?

During the first month, current customers of ERA VB&T agency can make use of the switch to a package of Easie. Please contact your agent for more information.

How can I login to my IDD?

You will automatically receive a login containing information for the IDD when you sign in to our property search service.