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Easie marketing
for your home:
Easie right?

Laurien Slaats
Online Marketer

Depending on the chosen Easie package, you have the choice to get started with social media yourself, or hand this off to our online marketeer. When you choose to put your home on social media, you have the freedom to place your home and your own social media channels. You can also provide your own descriptions of the house as you may think you are the best person to describe your house. When you choose to hand this to our online marketeer, they will get the start with placing your home on the official ERA vb&t Makelaars social media along with an appropriate description. In a consultation it can be agreed that a particular aspect of the property can be placed in the spotlight to highlight its potential added value. This will all be done by the online marketeer for you so you won’t have to worry about a thing.

Easie marketing for your home, Easie right?

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